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Based in Brisbane, Aus

Founding date:

2014 as 89 Friends Pty Ltd,
2019 change to Ardacious

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Ardacious is a game development company based in Brisbane, Australia with a complement of games designers, sound designers, illustrators, animators, programmers, testers and marketing. Specialising in Augmented Reality applications for industry and education; we work with business and educational institutes to build AR applications designed to improve and advance the modern workspace.

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As a studio, we focus on game design and development in the entertainment sector, and serious games development for tertiary and corporate education. We have already delivered serious games used at The University of Queensland for training of Masters of Psychology students and Town Planning students. Our approach is to bring the last 30-year explosion of games design to education, and we have also engaged in contract development work with a games design approach towards the user experience. In addition to games we have undertaken a number of contracts developing bespoke Apps to diverse clients to ensure cash flow diversity and maintain key contractor staff utilisation.

Our consultancy work focuses on technology strategy, helping organisations gain business advantage from the latest technologies and techniques, and leadership development, particularly in the areas of complexity, systems theory, and mega projects. We have worked internationally and nationally with clients in defence, government, health, small business, and Universities, and, in partnership with QUT, developed and delivered over 20 DFAT funded capacity building programs throughout Asia and the Pacific regions. We have also developed and delivered consultancy and product development in the area of games for learning and mobile Apps to customers.

Over the last 3 years we have been developing an Augmented Reality platform for delivering facilitated group based experiences. The interaction design draws on our training and education background. We have been tailoring the system for an entertainment market deployment in Ardent Roleplay, with a longer-term view to the education market.



Group using Ardent App
Party Boss Battle
Animated Dragon attacking party