Ardacious Pty Ltd

Immersive Imagination for Entertainment and Education

We increase the immersive experience in group experiences through state-of-the-art technology and user centred design. We focus on game design and development in the entertainment and education sectors, and dynamic Augmented Reality activations of physical sites.

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Immersive Imagination – Augmented Reality – Serious Games – Site Activation

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Ardent Roleplay

Ardent Roleplay is a mobile app designed and developed in Brisbane, Australia. The idea first arose in 2014 in a conversation about the emerging technology of augmented reality in games. As avid tabletop role playing gamers, we saw an opportunity to combine our interest for tabletop RPGs with AR. Ralf, our CEO and Erin our COO formed a company and decided to take Ardent Roleplay to market working with co-founders Jacob and Soren. Today the Ardent Roleplay product team consists of more than ten staff who share the same passion of creating something new to bring to the world of tabletop gaming.

Ardent Learning

The technology behind Ardent Roleplay is also used for the Ardacious Training Platform, an Augmented Reality training and assessment software. Built with over 20 years of hands-on education experience, Ardacious delivers immersive and experiential learning outcomes that allow students and educators to see real-time growth in realistic scenarios, without needing to leave the classroom.

The Ardacious team also provide education and training consultation to higher education institutions, helping develop assessments and curriculums that move beyond rote memorisation. 

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Qld XR Festival Highly Commended

Ardent Roleplay was awarded Highly Commended in the Best AR Movies/ Experiences/ Games category at the 2021 QLD XR Festival. 

The annual event attracts hundreds of entrants from across the world and we were honoured to be highly commended at the showcase of the best in XR and Mixed Reality. Congratulations to Wallace and Gromit who won the category on the night, and fellow finalists including Dr Seuss’s ABC and WWF Footprints of Extinction.