Ardacious, formerly 89 Friends, is a tight-knit game development and consultation company based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Formed from a convergence of passion for the growing wave of Augmented Realty tech, collaborative game design, and facilitating deep education, Ardacious sits on the cutting edge of what games can provide to our societies. Through Ardacious’ products and services, they aim to create engaging games and learning experiences and change the face of both games and education forever.

Dr. Ralf Muhlberger

Founder & CEO

With over 25 years experience in technology and education leadership, Ralf knows that games have the power to teach more than any other tool. Ralf’s extensive work within some of Australia’s leading universities designing IT and Media curriculums and chairing business committees has led to Ardacious becoming a powerful tool for educators to revolutionise their classrooms.


Dr. Erin Evans

Founder & COO

With a PhD in Biotechnology and an illustrious career in Project Management in the Health sector, Dr. Evans brings unique and effective processes to Ardacious’s operations. Erin champions much of Ardacious’s serious game axis, and has been a key player in building the Ardacious education platform for employee training.


Soren Bok

Producer & Game Designer

After finding himself so immersed in Lionhead Studios’ Fable that he was studying the end credits, Soren knew that game dev was the only industry he wanted to work in. Soren has now been a core member of Ardacious for the past 7 years, working as the driving force behind our project management, strategic planning, and commercialization while also contributing to game design.


Adam Crompton

User Experience & Game Design

Adam came to game design later in life than most, but he subsequently holds an unmatched passion for crafting the perfect experience for Ardacious’s users. Since joining Ardacious in 2017, Adam has been the mind behind the way our software is presented and used, and he brings a singular purpose to making that experience great.


Macauley Bell

2D/3D Games Artist, Educator

After first seeing the splash art for Blizzard’s Warcraft III, Macauley knew he had to make art for games. Mac has designed 3D models used by Ardacious platforms since 2018, and his distinct style helped us cement Ardent Roleplay in the hearts of tabletop gamers. Mac’s experience as a university educator also brings valuable insights into Ardacious’s work in the education space.


Jori Wright


Jori began his journey into game development early in life, as a place where he could blend his passions for music and art with a talent for programming. Jori graduated from a Software Engineering degree in 2021, and has been working on Ardacious’s software offerings since 2023.