We are delighted to announce that we are part of the Skalata Ventures 4th Seed Investment Program. Over the next five months, we’ll be working closely with the Skalata team and their wider network to grow Ardacious and gain exposure to new markets. Start Up Daily have written a great article on the program and cohort of this 4th program.

We have come a long way since launching in 2019. Ardent Roleplay is the first AR app for tabletop roleplaying games. Our vision is to apply the platform to other solutions in education and  business where the transformational power of showing, not telling makes a difference. 

“Global brands Meta, Microsoft, and Apple are talking about bringing augmented reality to the consumer  market in 2022, and with the support of Skalata’s world class team, we are confident we can take full  advantage of this highly dynamic and expansive field,” Dr Muhlberger said. 

On behalf of the entire team we are honoured and excited about the next phase of growth for our business. We want to thank our customers for encouraging us to build and improve everyday. A big thank you to all of our supporters who play a vital role in our journey @Screen Qld @Advance QLD @Igea, @BDO, @Marc Orchard, @Impact Innovation @Sunshine women in business